Frequently Asked questions

If you are interested in accessing support the following information may be useful to help you make your decision.




Frequency and Length of sessions 

Typically I offer weekly sessions that last for 50 minutes.   However the frequency of sessions can be negotiated based on your needs and my availability at the time.   If you have a particular need please feel free to have a discussion with me about this.

Number of sessions

The amount of sessions we have is up to you.  For some short term work is needed and we have decide to have 6-10 sessions together.  Others we may chose to work long term (10+ sessions).  Lastly there are others who with to have on-going counselling with no particular end date decided but with regular reviews to ensure the counselling is still helpful. 

Depending your needs and difficulties that you bring with you we can tailor the amount of session to meet your needs. As such we can discuss this in your first session. 


Fees and payment 


I charge £65 per 50 minute session. 

Payment method

I accept payments via direct debit or in cash.   The payment is made at the time of the appointment.  

Cancellation policy 

One weeks notice of cancellation is required.  If there is less than a weeks notice then you will be charged the full fee of £65.